As well as my years with bands like the Noisettes and currently, Stereophonics, I was a session drummer. It was always such an honour to be asked to drum on other artists’ music, famous or not. Pre-Pop Morrison, I was strictly a drummer, and a good one - I’d been playing professionally since I was 16. I still enjoy the edgy sensitivity of playing drums with new artists, the instinctive leap to knowing exactly the right groove and sound for each individual artist is something that feels as natural to me as breathing.

I never dismiss sessions as, simply, sessions. It is much deeper, as I am as passionate about other people’s art as my own. By collaborating, you also learn. That is how we develop, so I am always completely open to playing with friends and strangers, and exploring many different styles.

What I get from playing sessions is invaluable, priceless in experience and creative connections. Session work can create friendships for life. I relish playing with wonderful artists, known or unknown.