Two years ago, I was just making music in my studio, but that is not the end of the process for me. Beyond making it in the studio, the process is not complete until you have taken it to its logical conclusion - which is to put it out into the world. To me, the point of art is to be seen and heard.

The name of the label came from the realisation that I had to have both those traits in order to achieve what I set out to do - I had to become a ninja and a wolf, even though I didn’t start out like that. All the people I respect, the mavericks, have those qualities, so I learned to adopt those traits.

I worked with a lot of unsigned artists who seemed unable to make a connection to the industry. They didn’t know how, though their work was excellent. Most people have a long road to journey and you need more than just talent and ability; you need to know what you are trying to do. All our favourite artists didn’t wait to become a star - they went out there and actually pursued it.

I had no aspirations to be a record label boss but after I had already started Ninjas & Wolves, it just felt right. I was proud of the music I was making in my studio and I wanted people to hear it. It became a springboard for my own art and that of the people I believe in.

I realised I already had a community of artists, engineers, video-makers, web-designers, marketers - super talented and competent people. Now we are a team. A group of like-minded humans. Their art complement mine and vice-versa. I would never have got to this point without their help or without the difficulties I encountered along the way. Anything can happen now. Nothing was going to happen before unless we made it happen. Ninjas & Wolves music and art is now available in 220 countries, which shows anything is possible.