In 2007 I was in Williamsburg, New York.
I had lost all my possessions on the flight over from England so I went to a vintage shop to buy some clothes and what not. I ended up with a jacket and suitcase.

When I returned to my hotel I found the lining of the case had been tampered with.
On further inspection it revealed an old, tattered book...

After flicking through the pages I discovered lyrics and music to hundreds of songs.

Written on the spine of the book in black ink - Songs by Drewford Alabama 1943-1951

The book didn't leave my sight and my intrigue kept me reading.
I fell in love with the story's written within.
It was amazing to me that not a single person I spoke to had heard of Drewford Alabama.

After much detective work I tracked down Mary-Anne Alabama. In the summer of 2012 she told me how Drewford loved writing songs but never had the courage to sing to anyone outside the family.

After leaving Mary Anne's that night I knew exactly what to do: I immediately picked up a guitar and a tape recorder, taught myself how to play and record, and over the next few years I introduced my friends to the music & incredible book.

Ladies and gentlemen:

- The life & Times of Drewford Alabama.

Interview (The Life & Times) Time Is On Your Side Ft. Bnann (Live at Casa Del Pop) Ninjas & Wolves Ft. CA Smith (Live at Casa Del Pop) I Go To Sleep Ft. The Lost Bothers (Live at Casa Del Pop) Water Ft. Fyfe Dangerfield (Acoustic) I Go To Sleep Ft. The Lost Brothers So Young Ft. Emma’s Imagination Time Is On Your Side Ft. Bnann Water Ft. Fyfe Dangerfield