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August 29th 2023

Back in 2007 The Noisettes went on a rather large American tour with Bloc Party who were on their second album ‘Hunting for Witches’.
Noisettes were first on, Maccabees main support and of course Bloc Party.
This was when I first got to meet brothers Hugo and Felix White.

This tour to this day has some of my most precious touring memories with The Noisettes, not only that but touring in general, the simplicity, the possibility, the never ending summer of traveling the USA in a van, playing our hearts out and making friends, I thought it would never end.

Cut to 2015 and my never ending summer and time with The Noisettes was indeed over.
At this point I had been in the Stereophonics for 3 years and found myself in a very sticky, slightly stinky Paris playing Rock En Seine festival, the very same festival Oasis famously disbanded way back in 2009.

I saw on the bill that day The Maccabees were also performing and knew it was my chance to reconnect, I must add that’s one of the great things about festivals from a performers point of view, you're always guaranteed to bump into people from your past, it’s a good vibe.

I ended up finding The Maccabees dressing room tent and reintroduced myself.
A lot of time passed, I looked different and in truth I wasn’t totally sure they would remember me.
Well I was wrong.
They remembered me and in that Parisian heat we all embraced and talked of the time we toured America when we were still in our teens.

I didn’t see the guys again until the Stereophonics played the Jools Holland show in 2017.
Our bands were set up side by side in the BBC studios and I could feel The Maccabees eyes watching me on my high podium drum riser whilst playing the Stereophonics song ‘C’est La Vie’, it pushed me to play harder, there were no mistakes going to be made that night for sure, pressure is pressure weather it’s from playing on television or playing in front of your mates.
Sometimes your mates and family provoke more intensity than a million people sitting at home watching you on the tele, well that’s what I have always found.

After the show the brothers and I exchanged numbers and Hugo invited me to their studio in South London to record with Matt Maltese, a song which would go on to be the viral hit ‘As the World Caves In’. A week later I was back at the same studio to jam, now jamming has always been my forte so I was looking forward to this day. This is when I meet William White the youngest of the White brothers.

I was in awe of not only the siblings collective talent but each of their own unique perspectives on music, I was clearly in the presence of a considerable force.

That day we jammed for 3 or 4 hours before going out for chips and cheesy omelettes at a local greasy spoon, the brothers were clearly well liked there, the man at the till was on first name basis and seemed to know exactly what was going on with their careers.
That day all four of us had the same food, the same delicious chips and cheesy omelette, it was four plates yellow goodness.
At some point it was decided we wouldn’t stop jamming.
Sporadically we jammed years away.
We jammed our way in to writing songs and in 2019 once ready we played some of these songs to a publisher friend of ours who gave us a deal.
We took this money and rented a large wooden hall in Wandsworth for 2 years where our songs took a most exciting turn. They went from being brilliant songs dressed in great ideas to amazing songs played by a band who really were starting to understand what magic synergy they possessed.

In the June of 2023 we would go on to sign a record deal with Warner Brothers, Parlophone to be precise and a few months later, our first song ‘Worn Out Buildings’ was released.
It’s been a long time coming!
This music along with the 4 of us have been on an incredible journey in every sense of the word and I must say these words of mine will never do justice to the pride I feel about what we have made.

As I write this we are a few weeks away from going out on our first headline tour, our first shows in Europe and our first live radio appearance, it’s all types of exciting.

If you get a chance check us out.

Good vibes.

Jamie x

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