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Blog #4 · November 5th 2023

It's my favourite time of year, Christmas is a stone's throw away, the leaves in the trees are that vibrant reddish brown tone...

Blog #3 · September 29th 2023

I been home for a week from our first 86TVs headline tour, right off the bat I got to say how much fun it was.

Blog #2 · August 29th 2023

Back in 2007 The Noisettes went on a rather large American tour with Bloc Party... the never ending summer of traveling the USA in a van, playing our hearts out and making friends, I thought it would never end.

Blog #1 · July 29th 2023

I’ve always gravitated towards blogs, I used to love Flea’s and Questlove’s back in the day, it inspired me to do one in The Noisettes and later in Stereophonics, it turns out I really do love writing, so in advance thank you for reading, vibes to you. x

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All blog posts
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