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Blog #3
September 29th 2023

I been home for a week from our first 86TVs headline tour, right off the bat I got to say how much fun it was.
What an amazing bunch of fans 86TVs are gathering, every show was sold out and considering only one song is available to listen to I can’t help but think how this is a great example of true music fans.
Vibes to you, your energy is what made these shows exceptional.

I actually hadn’t been to some of these venues since I was a teenager, particularly the Cambridge Six Six club where I played countless times as a kid, as we arrived I commented to everyone in the band, “this is where I first heard Tinnitus,” (NOT THE BAND) the floors were still as sticky as I remembered and the graffiti in the toilets just as questionable.
Some things never change.

What came to my immediate conclusion on this tour was how much of a privilege it is to play any size venue when the people there to see you care.
From the performers point of view there’s the same nerves, for me personally the same preparation goes into playing a stadium as it does to a small 200 cap club, this is what led me to the conclusion that it’s not the size or stature, it’s the privilege of being in the presence of people who actually give a fuck.
That’s any performers dream gig.
Well our tour was dreamy and even though my body was battered and bruised by the end of it I didn’t want it to finish.

Btw, in the past I’ve played to countless rooms where people don’t care and it’s truly amazing how time moves slow in these cases, like your wading up hill through mud, it’s funny how when it’s all going well and your having the time of your life everything moves quick, like in a blink of an eye you're off stage.
It should be the other way round right?

Every night of the 86TVs tour I could see the whites of peoples eyes, I could smell the stale beer mixed in with various perfumes and fruity vape pens, there was no barrier, no high stage, just a band and a room full of people.

The connectivity was on high and immediate, like electricity, pure vibes.
I had a blast setting up my drums each day, taking the time to tune them and soundcheck.
I loved going to the merch stand at the end of the show and meeting people, folding t-shirts or rolling up posters we sold.
It was a blast.
I felt like a kid again and relished the simplicity of it all.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love the big stuff too, the whole hoo-ha that goes along with being in a big band, the responsibility and honour that comes with the big shows is truly priceless, for me the two bands I am in are just like comparing your two favourite food styles, both immensely tasty, just different!
I basically love it all, the whole thing, every part of it, especially so when the people you are playing to are so receptive.
That’s how magic is made.
It can’t be one sided, the vibes can’t transmit properly when you're wading through the muddy tundra, it takes two to tango, it’s a mutual thing and I learnt on this tour that size doesn’t matter one bit, LOL!
With all that positive energy and synergy it can make a club feel like a stadium, and I know from experience that the best bands can make a stadium feel like a club, intimate and exclusive.

My words might sound mental but believe me it’s true.

Ultimately I learnt on this tour that playing live music is a privilege I won’t ever take for granted.


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